PTI takes a bet on teachers’ appreciation through formation courses

“If education itself can’t change society, without it, people won’t change either”, said Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator, pedagogue and philosopher, considered one of the most remarkable thinkers in Pedagogy’s history and influencer of the critical pedagogy, that was as the role model for PTI to bet on teachers’s appreciation as education’s transformation agents and art and culture instigators in their work offices and where they’re in.


The Park is, through the last years acting in Foz do Iguaçu and in the wester region of Paraná, straightening the programs that empower elementary school teachers, by courses, lectures, continuing education, investigation teaching methods and workshops discussing with teachers new teaching-learning techniques in classrooms in various areas, such as critical, scientific, pedagogic and, especially, the educators well-being.


Teaching by investigation


One of the PTI’s program that develop these changes is the Science Station. The formation process started in 2017 and, by now, six classes graduated, in a total of 119 teachers. Last year, two formation classes happened in PTI and a third one at the Monteiro Lobato School. In this occasion, 47 teachers graduated.


The PTI Astronomy Pole also offers trainings to teachers.


In 2018, Science Station offered three formation courses in PTI and a continuation in Monteiro Lobato School, graduating 72 teachers.


So far, the Science Station formations happen exclusively in Foz do Iguaçu, but there’s the intention of expanding these courses to the cities on the Cities of Western Paraná Association (AMOP, in Portuguese) in the next years.


The goal is to attend public elementary school teachers from by the teaching by investigation method. It proposes the teachers a new way of teaching science to the kids, using experiments, playful practices and with more student integration and participation.

This kind of formation discuss and approaches the teaching by investigation as a pedagogic strategy to diverse day-by-day teacher’s practice in school. The idea is the educator to promote discussions between the students and to awake in them the interest to ask and answer questions about the natural world, contributing, then, to these students’ critical development.


Technological formations


Another PTI’s action in forming teachers has been through the Municipal Educational Technology Core (NTM), a federal government program that exists in several Brazilian cities, and in Foz, it is located in the Park, by a partnership between PTI and the city hall.


This partnership intend to offer continuing formation courses that encourage, move and empower the municipal system teachers on the practice of their daily activities. 


In Foz do Iguaçu, NTM was created in 2009 and, since then, serves groups of municipal primary, elementary and special school teachers, with formations that discuss difficulties found by them with pedagogic content and point new perspectives to the profession. 


The formations are weekly, in the PTI classrooms, gathering teachers by groups, depending on their theme of choice . According to the course, the formation may be concluded in one day only, while other may endure for weeks. All of the trainings get the Education Ministry certificate, which validates the professional curriculum of the teachers.



Subjects as the Education Municipal Plan, quality in school, Mandala Garden project, oral and written language, specific education in arts, science, geography, P.E and others are examples of formations that already happened in PTI. From 2009 to 2017, between formations, orientations, seminars and lectures, the NTM sums 28.345 teachers attendances. From this January until the beginning of October, it was more than 4.800 attendances, between the ones offered by NTM and the ones supported by the core, held in other institutions.


The Casimiro Montenegro Filho Astronomy Center, from PTI, also offers formation courses to teacher and it’s a reference in teaching-learning and research actions in astronomy. From 2009 to 2018, 1.502 teachers were certified in formation courses. 


According to the PTI’s Superintendent Director, Jorge Augusto Callado, the Park must maintain and always develop regional, state and international vocations in education, straightening partnerships and the support to professional formations. “You can’t make education without education professionals, whether they’re teachers, pedagogues or educational advisors. All the actions that promote the continuing formation of those who do or will make education daily, will have PTI’s support, since the basics levels to post-graduation”, emphasized.