Partnership among entities wants to transform science education in Foz do Iguaçu

Transforming science education in the municipal education network of Foz do Iguaçu, with more playful and experimental activities, is the proposal of the partnership signed among the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), the City Hall of Foz do Iguaçu and the Banco do Brasil Foundation. In  August, a protocol of intentions was signed among the institutions, initiating a teacher training, through a pilot project at Monteiro Lobato Municipal School, in the Porto Belo neighborhood.


The methodology in which teachers will be trained by the PTI Science Station team is the research teaching one, which foresees a more active participation of students in the process of learning science. At the Monteiro Lobato School, the project has been developed since July this year and will last for one year. The intention is to extend the initiative to the entire municipal school network.



In addition to theoretical and practical training, teachers will also receive pedagogical advice for the application of the research teaching methodology and activities. The Science Station manager, Willbur Rogers de Souza, said that this strategy "encourages critical thinking, a slightly more experimental science vision, and a "hands-on" learning". He made the space available to teachers, in order to make it an extension of the classroom.


PTI’s Superintendent Director, Ramiro Wahrhaftig, mentioned the satisfaction of participating in the signing of the project, highlighting his appreciation for education due to his experience as Secretary of State for Education from 1995 to 1998, under the government of Jaime Lerner. "I have a special affection for education, for having experienced the needs of schools, teachers and students", he affirmed.


Wahrhaftig also commented that PTI has moved ahead with a trend that is now global, of the technology parks actively participating in the development of the territory, and reinforced the intention to extend the teacher training project to all 51 schools in the municipality. "Education in  PTI is a priority", he highlighted.


Strategic Partnership


The mayor of Foz do Iguaçu, Chico Brasileiro, said that, given the situation of the municipality, in the first months of government the strategy was to seek support from the Federal and State governments, institutions and Itaipu Binacional. "The grateful surprise was this extraordinary approach with Itaipu and, particularly, with PTI", he said. He highlighted the importance of the projects being planned in partnership - among them, for example, the construction of the Municipal Market, made official last week. The mayor also said that education is a fundamental prerequisite for human development and that the partnership will enable the innovation of knowledge.


PTI’s Superintendent Director, Ramiro Wahrhaftig, mentioned the satisfaction of participating in the signing of the project,


The Municipal Secretary of Education, Fernando Ferreira de Souza, reinforced that the training of teachers in research teaching will also allow students to have contact with the structures of PTI. "There will be a possibility for children to get to know these technological spaces that are so important and available in our municipality. Many of these children, inserted in their context, may not naturally have access to all of this".



The Science Station course was certified in 2015 by the Banco do Brasil Foundation as "social technology". This certification is the recognition of replicable products, techniques or methodologies developed in the interaction with the community and that represent effective solutions of social transformation.


Luiz Carlos Vieira, representative of the Banco do Brasil Foundation, thanked PTI and the city hall for having "embraced the cause" and for being developing this project with municipal schools.