New PTI director wants to reinforce the regional development and approximation with the community

The solemnity of the tenure transfer to the new Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) Director, Jorge Augusto Callado, on Thursday (17), represents a narrowing of his relationship with western Paraná, started during college years, with studies he developed in the region, until a serial of works while occupying important positions in his career 


The tenure ceremony, at the Cineteatro Barrageiros, was short, but gathered Itaipu’s, universities’ and municipalities’ authorities. As Jorge Callado himself defined, it wasn’t a festive solemnity, but technical. Still, the tenure was acclaimed and the theater was full of people. “Mission is not something that you choose, you just do it. And it’s an honor to be a part of PTI”, said the new director in his speech. Indicated by the Itaipu Brazilian director, Marcos Stamm, and ratified by the PTI’s Board of Curators, Jorge Callado takes over Ramiro Wahrhaftig’s place.


Stamm said that, as it was mentioned, when indicated to be the Itaipu’s Brazilian director, Jorge Callado was also a “home-made solution” for PTI. The Park’s new superintendent director was Stamm’s advisor in the hydroelectric power plant’s Executive Financial Board. “I lost the advisor, but PTI got an extremely qualified professional, who will dedicate to the Park”, affirmed Stamm.


The Itaipu’s director knows Callado for a long time and, for that reason, may attest his competence, both by the manager positions he already has been and and by the person he is. Stamm reminded that Itaipu and PTI cannot be disassociated and that the Park works to support the power plant on its mission, expanded in 2003 in order to commit even more with the society and the region. 



Before taking on officially the board, since the beginning of the week Callado participated in meetings with the financial-administrative director, João Biral Junior, and technical director, Claudio Osako, to be involved in the Park’s projects progress. For his management, the new PTI’s superintendent director declared that has not defined specific priorities, but intends to give special attention to areas like Information Technology, Urban Management and Hydraulic Sources. Besides, as a specialist in the environmental area, he wants to bring his know-how as a contribution to the PTI’s developing projects. 


The relationship with the community is also a focal point. According to him, the produced knowledges, if not applied, are annulled. “We have a technical staff with high intellectual capital and we cannot miss the opportunities to improve people and the region, according to all of our technical-scientific information”, highlighted.


With regard to the Park’s board transition, the PTI’s Board of Curators president,  Jorge Habib El Khouri, said that “changes happens and are opportunities for elements to be aggregated into the project, so that can be a mixture of visions”. For him, Ramiro Wahrhaftig, who remained at the chair for 12 months, brought a new vision to the Park. He complemented: “Jorge Callado has the challenge to establish a new floor in this knowledge building”.


The Itaipu’s Brazilian director, Marcos Stamm, nominated Jorge Callado to the task.



At the ceremony, Ramiro Wahrhaftig got a PTI’s homage: a trophy with the Park’s monument, the Flags Globe. During his speech, Wahrhaftig said that being ahead PTI was an unique experience and that he learned to admire the initiatives the Park develops. He also affirmed to be sure that, for the next 20 years, PTI will be a world’s reference in sustainable technologies developed to regional development.


Right after the solemnity, the PTI’s collaborators also honored Wahrhaftig with a quaresmeira tree planting at the Visitors Grove, to eternalize his passage at the Park, not only with knowledge, but also physically, by a tree growth. 

The Brazilian director general of Itaipu, Marcos Stamm, commented that, like him, Jorge Callado was also a "home-made solution".


More about Jorge Callado


Graduated in Biology at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (1988), Jorge Callado is specialist in Environmental Planning and Management; specialist in Limnology; and Master in Urban Management. 


Since 2011, he is the Biology Regional Council of Paraná president and Environment state advisor (since 2008). He was the Paraná’s Coast Territorial Development advisor and Hydrological Sources state adviser (2011-2013). He’s also a professor in Environmental Management and Ecology disciplines. 


Amid his functions, there are: Paraná’s Water Institute environmental sanitation director (SUDERHSA, 2003 – 2010); Solid Wastes state coordinator (SEMA-PR, 2004 – 2005); Paraná’s Environment and Hydrological Sources State Secretary (2010); Paraná’s IBAMA superintend (2012 – 2015); technical advisor for environment area at the Regional Development Bank of the Southern Extreme (BRDE, 2015 – 2017); and technical advisor for the Itaipu’s Brazilian Director.


At the municipalities, PTI supports the city halls planning on sanitation plans, solid wastes, urban mobility and resources capture, and invests in sustainable technologies, with researches directed to agribusiness, the region’s georeferencing mapping and electrical mobility. In social inclusion and productive, PTI supports more than 500 small producers in family agribusiness sphere, with the commercialization, beneficiation and products distribution.