Education that prepares young students in state of vulnerability and opens opportunities for life changes

Tackling education through a different scope, empowering both the young and teenagers, showing that they’re capable of inserting themselves into the marketplace and getting good jobs is one of the main causes defended by the Youth Trail project, which graduates over 1300 students in 2018, since its first edition.


Over 180 young students attended the 2018 inaugural class. The activity took place at the end of April, in the Unioeste auditorium, campus Jardim Universitário, along with the families of the selected young and teen students. The Polo Iguassu project receives full support from Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), and has been promoting education through actions aimed to train and open job opportunities for those who take part of it.


“PTI not only opens doors for welcoming these students during the project’s activities, but also provides institutional support, since we know how education as a social cultural base is capable of empowering and transforming lives. Our role, within the Park’s Education and Culture Program, is to see the project through as well as its following evolution of each of its participants”, argues Jéssica Lima, PTI’s Education and Culture Program manager.



The project


The project lanches its tenth edition this years, increasing its 120 slots to 180, attending both young and adolescent students with ages from 16 to 24 years with a training of professional formation and self esteem for entering the marketplace. The priority is centered around attending students under some form of social vulnerability, who can be inserted in both the marketplace and society.


In this edition, the Youth Trail will take place within five months of course, with plans for a big reunion at the end of the year, inviting former students of the project for a moment of integration and celebration.


Patrícia Menezes Dutra, a Polo Iguassu representative, emphasizes that the project is a reference for both the Institute and Foz do Iguaçu, as well as the importance of PTI as a supportive institution. “This is a project we develop with great pride. We evaluate it with joy the conquest of increasing our classes over time. Up until last year we had 120 students, but the number of beneficiaries has increased to 180, also counting with a new field of activity beyond tourism, commerce, as well as computing programming. All of this, in a partnership with PTI”.

According to Patrícia, the intent is to refer, over the second semester, a big part of the participants to job openings in the city. “In October these kids will be refereed to the marketplace in search of a professional course as well as great opportunities for personal and professional development. Our role is to promote juvenile prominence”, she argues.




The project deals with technical contents of specific areas such as tourism and customer service, hosting, commerce, and computing programming, as well as the student’s personal development.


“It’s not just about the professional technician, the Youth Trail also develops their empowerment transversally We promote language and expression workshops, their relationship with their peers, the environment, and in groups. All of this, thinking about the best for each of them”, emphasizes Patrícia.



The Youth Trail plans four hour classes for day, out of 400 on-site and 100 hours of autonomous activities. Young students between 16 and 24 years, classified under a vulnerable social economic state.


According to the managers, the project aims to enhance the young student’s development and making opportunities more accessible for them. “By the time they are admitted in a company, they won’t be a fully trained professional, but they’ll leave our program with different attitudes, their self esteem enhanced, with more capabilities promoted, all in order to help them further enjoy the opportunities they come across. In 2018, the project will train over 1300 selected students, as of their edition”, the manager argued.


Maria de Fátima Duarte, mother of one of the students helped by the project, says she’s very pleased by her son’s opportunity. “I’ve been expecting this opportunity for two years, I’m very happy and I know that in the Youth Trail he’ll be provided with courses, a chance to study, growing and learning, as well as the chance to conquering everything I can’t offer him”, she reveals.


Thiago Duarte da Silva, age 16, comments: “My mother tried to subscribe me several times and now I finally made it. I’m very excited to participating in it, because I know that here I’ll be able to improve myself as a person. I hope to get a good job at the end of the year and be able to help out my mom”.


Another selected student is Thomas Pei Hon Yang, age 17, who already chose his field of activity. “I’ll enjoy the most of this chance at the Youth Trail and apply for a good job in hosting afterwards, since our town has a lot of potential in this area. This is an unique opportunity for thousands of young students like me. I feel very privileged”.